Demand an investigation into Pulse's unpermitted renovations and code violations.



Feel free to copy and paste the following letter to all members of the Orlando City Council.


Dear City Council Member,

I have reviewed the public records that are available pertaining to Pulse's unpermitted renovations and code violations and am requesting an investigation is done into this pressing matter. The Pulse property, located at 1912 S. Orange Avenue, had numerous building code violations that evidence shows these obstructed the escape and rescue of shooting victims. The Orlando Sentinel reported on its unpermitted fence in 2016 and how fleeing survivors had to knock it down, but the newspaper missed multiple other significant violations and unpermitted renovations, which have been recently exposed in newly uncovered public records. 

Pulse owners, Barbara and Rosario Poma, have never been investigated and the former is currently earning $150,000 annually to lead a multi-million dollar museum project that has, up to this point, been funded mostly with tax dollars. 

In addition to an investigation, I urge Mayor Buddy Dyer and all council members to ensure that Pulse victims have their questions around Pulse's code violations and unpermitted renovations answered and immediately posted to the City's Pulse Tragedy Public Records website.

Thank you,



You can also contact the following to ensure they are aware of Pulse's code violations and unpermitted renovations that trapped victims inside.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Address: 850 Trafalgar Ct #400, Maitland, FL 32751

Phone(407) 875-9976

Office of the State Attorney


Phone: (407) 836-2400


Rainbow Memorial Photo Credit: Orlando Sentinel. CCAPM.